Keystone Prairie Dogs by Jean Williams


Thanks for your interest in saving prairie dogs. 

Here's why people should care:

The primary mission of this project is not to encourage prairie dogs in the pet market, but to educate the public on the importance of  protecting prairie dogs in the wild by broadening the conversation through a fun and entertaining series of informative eBooks.

 Keystone Prairie Dogs is an online conservation project designed to support environmental groups that have done extraordinary work to preserve the five remaining species of prairie dogs and their fragmented habitat across the eleven U.S. states of their historic range.


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 See cute Keystone Prairie Dogs Duke it out to Chopin video

You can see a list of Keystone Prairie Dog fun eBooks available for purchase from Amazon by clicking here.


Keystone Prairie Dogs live in family units, just like people.  Their underground homes have separate chambers for a nursery, potty, sleeping and most have a back door.

Each keystone has a distinctly different personality.  Some are gregarious and playful, while others are more serious and reserved. 

And they talk to each other through body language and a series of vocalizations…some loud, some quiet and some playful…just like people.


A private collection of Keystone Prairie Dog images are used in the eBook series and for various Prairie Dog Press articles.  The messages are environmentally based, depictions of social commentary and political spoofs.